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  1. boo-tyluvr:

    If a guy calls you princess in a condescending manner assert your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded.

    First time the husband called me princess I stormed out of the snuggle on the couch and to my car, slamming doors and hooning off. Calmed down and came back and apologised. 

    I really, really, really hate being called ‘princess’. It’s condescending and demeaning to me. Not to everyone, but to me. The husband was trying to tell me he treasured me like a princess but I was like nope gonna hate you now. He was very confused. 

    Relationships, man. Language. Connotative language is one of the most interesting things in the world.

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  2. Best photo of Tesla ever. Taken by the husband

    Best photo of Tesla ever. Taken by the husband

  3. daenystormborn:

    Firefly Rewatch: 1.02 (Train Job) - Yes, precisely. Only the exact phrase I used was “don’t”

    Someone pointed it out to me recently that I spend a lot of time and opinions and energy on a show that totalled less than fourteen hours and ended over a decade ago. 

    To those people I say… SHUT YOUR FACE. 

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  4. cutiewill:



    we’re already home

    Praise the Lord Jesus.

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  5. The Truth About Cassidy Evans
  6. To me, she first fell in love with him when she was young and vulnerable, so he’s still in her heart from then.

    I totally get that. But I don’t know. After the year she had and all the lies and everyone she loved and trusted basically lied to her (except Leo, dear, sweet Leo and Wallace) and fed her a lot of mixed messages. And Duncan…

    I don’t know. I see where you are coming from but yeah. Watching him go through the Meg is pregnant thing etc is doing my head in .

  7. And it really bugs me how much Veronica trusts Duncan. 

    Dude is shady. And gives her less reason to trust him than Logan does. 

    And yet she never trusts Logan the same way she trusts Duncan. 

    Seriously. Who shipped Duncan and Veronica? Because for real you need to explain that shit to me.

  8. rufflebutts:

    shoutout to all the other ex-gifted & talented/honor student/straight a/senior editor/star student/99th percentile/once-creative burn-outs who have, since high school, realized they are truly miniscule fish in a giant, endless ocean, criticized themselves to the point of creative paralysis, and participated in so much self-sabotage they no longer see the point of doing anything at all because they’re just going to ruin it for themselves anyway


    this one’s for you

    So… I’ve had to take an exit degree and I’m in the top fifteenth percent of the fifty students graduating with it. So I got invited to join this honour society and I’m just like… meh. 

    I would have been proud of myself once. But I honestly don’t care that much. I mean, one of their $10 000 scholarships would be nice if I decide to join. But realisitcally it just sounds like undue praise for something that’s not really important.

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