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  1. I had this amazing dinner plan for tonight that would have been easy and delicious.

    EXCEPT the pre cut pumpkin was a day over the line and it needed to get binned instead of used and now I don’t know what to cook for dinner and I’m too tired to come up with a secondary plan. 

  2. which i’m semi shitty about because it said deliver on Wednesday or Friday and call before delivery and it’s effing THURSDAY and no one called me so it was just sitting in my backyard and only the fact I was falling asleep trying to read inside meant I went in the backyard and it could have literally been tomorrow by the time I found it because there was no sign that it had been delivered.

    BUT I HAVE A NEW FRIDGE and it doesn’t have duct tape and it’s bigger and it works and I am happy.

  3. ladyugh - yay pluto!

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  4. Whole backyard and he flops against my leg. #bunny #bunnylove

    Whole backyard and he flops against my leg. #bunny #bunnylove

  5. Backyard


  6. owlturdcomix:

    I hope I haven’t miscategorized.

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  7. Library toilet graffiti

    Library toilet graffiti

  8. popthirdworld:

    I wanna start a twitter handle #aussieracism, where ppl can tell examples from their lives of experiences with racism in Australia. Something needs to be done about this. I got weak twitter powers though. How does someone start something insanely successful online? hmm.

  9. hate group work.

    my plan is simple, efficient, and allows for further collaboration at a midway point to ensure our work is not individualised but remains on track and in depth. 

    the plan the group are leaning towards is disorganised, will end up in us doubling up on research and generally wastes time.

    hate group work.

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