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  1. Best bun

  2. … I have had too much wine. 

    It’s kind of nice. 

    For a long time I had too much resistance. I couldn’t get drunk (oh those poor port hedland men I drank under the table). Now… Now it’s easier.

    It’s nice to get vague, truthful, and soft. 

    I think I’m too hard a lot of the time. 

    it’s nice to uncoil.

  3. Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to your ten favourite followers <3

    Like four people have tagged me in this. 


    But I am not tagging because I’ve already tagged people in a thing this month. SO consider yourself tagged if you want to be tagged (and if you want it in your askbox tell me and I will put it there). 

    Five nice things about myself

    1. I’m a really caring person. Like I really actually care and action that care into stuff. 

    2. I freaking love stories and sharing stories and I think that makes me a really interesting and helpful person to know because I can always recommend people books or movies no matter what they are in to.

    3. I’m a decent cook. Like, not just dinners and stuff but also cakes and the like. I don’t do it as much these days with my body, but I have some culinary skills. 

    4. I have really nice eyes? Apparently? 

    5. I am wise. And it feels weird to say it but as Jeff Winger said we are trained not to believe it when we think/say/hear it. But I think I am actually pretty wise. I give good advice and I make good decisions.


    It’s not that I have low self esteem (I am awesome) it’s that I have minimal self worth right now (what does it matter that I’m awesome because I am useless human garbage thanks to my condition). 

    But here’s five nice things about Katee, who tagged me:

    1. The sass is strong with this one. Yes, sass is a positive thing. 

    2. She has a wicked keen sense of humour. 

    3. She feels keenly when she lets a friend down. Her friends matter to her a lot. She values people and I think that’s important.

    4.  She is a dog person. Dog people are the best. (Not to say cat people are bad)

    5. Her mixes are amazing. For real. 

  4. mingsonjia:

     伍启中 水墨山水人物

    Shuimo Painting by Wu qizhong

    (via stumbeline)

  5. denchgang:

never skip leg day

crushedglass made me think of you haha


    never skip leg day

    crushedglass made me think of you haha

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  6. madeleineishere:

    quick lil comic

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  7. yzma:

    zeus….. IS the father
    *hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

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  8. dom-wolfy:

    Sometimes you just need a little bun to help cheer you up.

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  9. Dang crocheting a blanket requires so much patience. 

    20 squares down, 40 to go. And then a border. 

    And then I’ve got another one to make. 

    Why did I say I would do this for Christmas presents?

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